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Re-reported By Rusty Tromboni, Staph Reporter
Police Officer Dies Behind Wheel Of Car

Witnesses Say He May Have Saved The Lives Of Others
September 10, 2002

A Highland Heights police officer just minutes from death was still upholding his oath to protect and serve.  

Lt. Tim Pitts NewsChannel5's Tracy Carloss reported that a community is mourning the death of a police officer described as a proud father and devoted friend. As Wednesday's anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks approaches, flags everywhere are flying. But there's a special meaning at Highland Heights City Hall Tuesday, where the flag is already at half-staff. "All of us here at City Hall are mourning him," said Fran Hogg, mayor of Highland Heights. "We're at a loss. He was a friend to a lot of us." Lt. Tim Pitts, a 29-year-veteran of the Highland Heights Police Department, died of an apparent heart attack Friday night while behind the wheel of a take-home police cruiser. The incident occurred on state Route 2 in the city of Euclid. But what Pitts, 54, did in his final moments doesn't surprise anyone who knew him. Pitts was protecting the public, even as he was about to take his last breath. Witnesses told police they saw him clutch his chest and then "he kind of veered the car off the road so he wouldn't run into anybody," said Bruce Balzano of the Highland Heights Police Department. Those who knew him said it was that kind of quick thinking that on which he built a career. "It's not a surprise -- that was his natural being," Balzano said. "He was always putting others before himself." Pitts started with the department in 1973 and worked his way up to second in command. He also spent time as commander of a multi-agency bomb disposal unit. Friends said he loved protecting and serving the community and that he loved his family. Balzano worked beside him for about 20 years. "He was a great cop, a great person (and) a great father," he said. His last selfless act may have saved the life of someone else, NewsChannel5 reported. Pitts would have turned 55 next week. A police officer's funeral is planned for Thursday.

Some More Bullshit In Case You Are Totally Bored Or Stoned.....

Officer Who Died At Wheel Of Cruiser To Be Buried

Man Served Force For 29 Years
September 12, 2002

Hundreds of people are expected at the funeral for Lt. Tim Pitts of the Highland Heights Police Department, NewsChannel5 reported. The 29-year-old veteran of the force died last week of an apparent heart attack while behind the wheel of his police cruiser. WEWS said Pitts was often thought of as a hero and even veered the car of the road so he wouldn't run into anybody else as he took his last breath. He was 54 years old. The funeral will be held at St. Paschal Baylon Church, located at 5384 Wilson Mills Road at 9:30 a.m.

Editors Note: Nobody showed up for this asshole's funeral

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Happy Thanksgiving Timmy we miss you around here

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I bet you get pretty thirsty down there Timmy

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We'll miss you Timothy. You were very good for our bottom line. We've had some layoffs since you left, but hopefully we'll find another customer with a bottomless stomach.

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I was there licking his boots in the casket

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Does anyone know what his B.A.C. was at the time of the crash?

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