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The Debbie G. Incident

A long, long time ago there was an attractive married blonde dispatcher named Debbie and Patrolman Joseph was always up in her business.  He was on her like pickaninnies on Wheatina.  She was related to the Pepper Pike police chief at that time.  The story as told by her: One day while she was on duty her keys became missing, an entire set with car, house etc. all on one ring.  The chief started having people come back to the station to see if they knew where her keys were, and this included the asshole crosseyed fuck
Patrolman Joseph. 

Everyone pitched in and looked  in every nook and cranny and her keys were nowhere to be found.  She remembers placing them on the console direcly under the microphone when there was the old setup.  The keys were still missing and Debbie strongly believed that
Patrolman Joseph had taken them because he was in and out of there constantly and nobody else was.  He also sat radio while she used the bathroom (he probably had one of those crossed-eyes under the door).   Patrolman Joseph was questioned by the chief and of course denied it.  After hours of everyone searching, it became more and more apparent that Patrolman Joseph had something to do with it and he was telling all that woud listen that he had nothing to do with it, but the pressure on him was stepped up by everyone. 

Well, wouldn't you know a fucking miracle happened.  A half hour prior to shift change,
Patrolman Joseph walks into the dispatch center and, without saying a word walks behind the console.  He then bends down and Debbie hears the clinking of keys while Patrolman Joseph pretends to reach into a space between 2 cabinets and he, well, you guessed it, finds her keys!  Problem is, everyone including her looked in that spot, and there was no way they could have gotten there unless they had legs, or were put there by some cross-eyed fuck.  Problem # 2 for the crosseyed fuck is that EVERYONE looked in that obvious chasm.  And problem #3?  Yes, there's more!  Problem # 3 is that the dispatch center was air conditioned to about 65 degrees and when Patrolman Joseph gave her the keys they were WARM as if they were in someones pocket, his pocket, all day!

Poor Debbie, not only did this creep hover over her every time she worked, now she firmly believed he stole her keys?  Why?  To become a hero, like a kid that sets fire to a house and the reports it?  Or????  You nailed it, TO MAKE FUCKING COPIES!  She was so creeped out that she immediately, IMMEDIATELY had the locks changed on her house.  Her Father In Law, the Pepper Pike Chief, called Cook and wanted to know "What the fuck is going on over there?".  Well, guess what happened to
Patrolman Joseph ?   NOTHING! 

P.S.  Joseph and the Cleveland Firefighter that stalked hundreds
of (and raped a few) blonde women look like brothers.

Mark Joseph, you are a worthless piece of shit. 

If he ever comes to my house I WOULD NEVERE OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR.

Blabbing A Fellow Officers Personal Information

Blabbing about a childs suicide attempt isn't this assholes first disclosure of confidential information.  About a year or so ago, Patrolman Mark Joseph was disciplined for releasing personal information about a fellow police officer to a gas station attendant.

Failing To show Up On Calls

Patrolman Joseph was disciplined about 2 years ago for spending time at his house OUTSIDE THE CITY OF HIGHLAND HEIGHTS while on duty and failing to show up on calls or arriving late because of it.  What was he doing at home, fucking the babysitter?  Surfing the 'net for porn? Scarfing down free food and pies bullied out of Denny's? He certainly wasn't doing his hair.  Or anything hygiene related.

This asshole is no stranger to days off.  He got 30 of them for allowing a civilian to carry a Highland Heights detective badge and do investigations on behalf of the Highland Heights police.  Patrolman Joseph ALLOWED HIM TO IMPERSONATE A POLICE OFFICER!  The guy with the badge, John Wyckoff, was running around East Cleveland with the Highland Heights badge doing follow up work for Detective Patrolman Joseph.  It all came to light when ebonic-speaking persons began calling the lily-white suburb of Highland Heights asking for Detective Wyckoff.  Actually, they were asking for "Dabuddah Weggolf".  It took a while but we got it figgered, um figured out.  Of course, we were like "Who the fuck is Detective Wyckoff?"  Then it all unraveled like a combover in a monsoon.

So, fine citizens of Highland Heights, is that policeman or detective showing up at your house really for real, or is it one of Patrolman Joseph's scumbag friends? Should you be afraid of the police, afraid to open your door, can't trust their credentials?  What if he's a fake?  Of course you should be afraid: Patrolman Joseph is still employed!  Yes, you pay this asshole 36 bucks an hour to hand out detective badges to his friends!  One more thing:  Ask your mayor and councilperson, "WHY THE FUCK IS MARK JOSEPH STILL EMPLOYED HERE?"  As for Wyckoff, he was NEVER charged with a crime for impersonating a Highland Heights police officer.  In fact, he went on to bigger and better things, like, actually getting arrested in Beachwood for, well, you guessed it: Impersonating a police officer.  Oh yeah, numerous drug arrests too.  Ask Patrolman Joseph for more details.

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Disclaimer:For entertainment purposes only. Some of this site is opinion. Not intended to threaten, harass, or annoy. This website is NOT produced by Mark Joseph, duh!
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