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Negroes Are  NOT Welcome In Highland Heights
By Rusty Tromboni, Staph Reporter

We've heard the rumors for years:  Negroes, also known as "niggers" as some city officials would have it, are NOT welcome in the city of Highland Heights, Ohio.  Sadly, it's official.

As shown in the following graphs compiled on midnight shift using city computers, adjoining cities have substantially more black folk than Highland Heights.

Willoughby Hills-14.7% Black
Richmond Heights-36.7% Black
Highland Heights-0.5% Black
Yes, Highland Heights has one half of one percent black folk.  One half of one percent!  It's time we say "Negro Yes!".  Read on...

Willoughby Hills-14.7% Black


Richmond Heights-36.7% Black


Highland Heights-0.5% Black
So what does all of this mean?  We can do better!  One half of one percent?  Really?  Let's get this number in line with those  of our neighbors and show the Cleveland area that this really is a city of Pride &  Promise, not Pride & Prejudice.  We must open our arms and welcome diversity.  Let us be more aware that our negro brothers and sisters are welcome to join our community and help make it a better place.  Let us hire our first negro on our police department and fire department.

So, you say, How can I help?  Join our campaign called Negro Yes!
Go to The Call and Post at callandpost.com and advise them of our eforts to reach out and welcome black folk into our community. Negro Yes!

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Spread the word at bingo, church, and school.  Call the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development and let them know that Highland Heights is not in compliance with the 1964 Civil Rights Act just like Marin County, California.  Send them a link to this site (not page, link may change)  and have them read about our efforts and ask them to get involved.  We shall not ignore the negro any longer.   Unite!  Negro Yes!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Federal Civil Rights HUD Commissars Prepare To Turn The Screws On Marin County, California Because It Is "Too White"

Mixed emotions on this story. On the one hand, I love to see white libtards hoisted upon their own petards. Most of the diversity-loving libtard whites in Marin County, California will rhapsodize orgiastically about the joys of diversity, despite not daring to actually live amongst it across the bay in Oakland or Richmond.

On the other hand, Federal civil rights inquisitors are preparing to turn the screws on Marin County because, in their opinion, it's "too white". The Blaze tells us that, according to data from the 2010 census, Marin County contains seven of the 10 whitest cities in the Bay Area. According to this map, those seven cities are Sausalito, Kentfield, Ross, San Anselmo, Woodacre, Lagunitas-Forest Knolls, and Inverness; all are 90 percent or more White. And the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) thinks that's a problem, even though they never seem to have a problem with a community being too black or too brown.

HUD determined over a year ago that Marin County failed to comply with Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and two other anti-discrimination statutes. They decided that Marin County’s federally-funded affordable housing programs failed to adequately outreach to minorities and people with disabilities, failed to adequately track which ethnic groups were benefiting from those affordable housing programs, and failed to take steps to affirmatively ensure that low-income and minority residents are not pushed out. The bulk of Marin County's non-White population is clustered in Marin City and in the canal zone of San Rafael.

In other words, it's not enough merely to tolerate diversity; one must actively go out and solicit it to satisfy the inquisitors.

In response, Marin’s Community Development Agency recommended amending zoning regulations to ease the construction of new apartments, passing new laws requiring new developments to offer housing at below-market rates, and stepping up programs to combat discrimination by landlords and realtors. However, some local residents are skeptical. Julane Chapman, a retired therapist, admitted there is a need for more affordable housing, but there aren't many places to build it because they can't build in the open space due to land use laws. Businessman Marty Brenner said he thought it was silly to impose diversity on Marin, explaining "It started as a white vacation area, and so most of the people around here are white." And Lisa Florez tied Marin’s lack of diversity to a lack of jobs that pay enough to support the cost of housing there. The average sale price of a single-family home in Marin County in 2010 was $904,818; this map shows variations within the county.

But one black resident whined about the lack of diversity. Nancy Reed says “I pick up my grand son, I take him to school. I see maybe four Latino children there, and one African American – two maybe...that’s something’s wrong...why they’re [the county officials] not doing more? Now they have to be forced to do more.” Of course, the media didn't bother to ask her why she didn't consider moving to Oakland or Richmond if she wanted more diversity. But I'll bet their schools aren't as good as those in Marin County.

It looks like the Feds are setting up Marin County for another Westchester-style solution. Remember  Obama’s Soviet-style forced housing decree in Westchester County, NY? Although Westchester County was already 35 percent non-white, HUD decided that the mere presence of Jewish and Italian enclaves violated the civil rights of non-whites. So HUD ordered Westchester County to build low income housing and recruit Blacks and Latinos to break up these low-crime, homogeneous enclaves.

The best line of the day comes from the Council of Conservative Citizens:

"Now the Obama administration wants California’s whitest, and nicest county to build low income housing and recruit blacks and Latinos to move there! This is the exact same policy carried out by the Soviet Union after their conquest of Eastern Europe. Populations were forcibly moved to break up the ethnic homogeneity".

An apt description if I ever saw one. While Russia has become less Soviet, America has become even more Soviet in nature. The comments posted on The Blaze and AR15.com and Free Republic are virtually no different than the comments posted on Stormfront. Uncle Sam is doing a better job radicalizing the White community than all of us White activists put together. Interestingly enough, rich Whites never seemed to have a problem when diversity was forced primarily upon working-class Whites; let's see how rich Whites react to having it forced upon them.

Negro Yes!

Join us today!

Blacks Multiply In Highland Heights!
Mark Joseph's Web Site Responsible For 4X Increase

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, OHIO-Thanks to the valiant efforts of this site, markjoseph.page.tl, we have achieved our goal of increasing the percentage of negroes in the city of Highland Heights.  Please read the following article by Roger Vozar:

Census Bureau Releases New Data On Racial Groups In Highland Heights

The Census Bureau says the new data offers a "new layer of detail" to the population and housing data released last year as part of the decennial population study.

The U.S. Census Bureau released more detailed statistics for Ohio from the 2010 Census, including new data for racial groups in Highland Heights.

The bureau says the new data offers a "new layer of detail" to the population and housing data released last year as part of the decennial population study. The new data even drills down into city data, giving communities a window into how different racial groups are living within our communities.

The Census data is a massive trove of information, so the plan here is to highlight some interesting facts gleamed from the data.

1. Highland Heights remains overwhelmingly white

Highland Heights has 8,345 residents, according to the Census. Of those, 7,590 – 90.9 percent – describe themselves as white.

The second largest racial group are those who identify themselves as Asian – 483 residents (5.7 percent). There are 155 residents who are black (1.8 percent) and 116 (1.3 percent) are Hispanic.

2. Asian, Hispanic populations are younger

The overall median age of Highland Heights residents is 48.2 years, which is fairly close to the median age of white and black residents. However, Asian and Hispanic residents tend to be younger.

Median ages by race:

• Hispanic: 32.0
• Asian: 41.7
• Black: 48.3
• White: 48.9

3. Black residents are more likely to rent

Of the city's 3,205 occupied housing units, 3,055 (95.3 percent) are owner-occupied and 150 (4.7 percent) are rentals.

But the Census data shows that those while the vast majority of Highland Heights households own rather than rent, the ownership rate is much lower among black households.

Home ownership rates by race:
• Asian 96.9 percent of households
• White: 95.8 percent
• Hispanic: 92.0 percent
• Black: 68.4 percent

4. Hispanics have the largest, most stable families

The average family size in Highland Heights is 3.01. Census figures show that the Hispanic population has the largest families at an average of 3.59, while white families average the smallest size families at 3.00.

When it comes to a stability, meaning "family households" led by a married couple living together, the Hispanic population ranks highest at 80.0 percent. "Family households" is described as a householder and one or more people related by birth, marriage or adoption.

The stability rate is 67.6 percent overall and 79.5 percent for Asian family households, 67.1 percent for white family households and 50.9 percent for black family households.

Negro Yes!

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