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Accuracy is very important to us at PATROLMAN Mark Joseph News & Screws. A few days ago, we mistakenly published the wrong picture of Larry Brazie.  We regret this error and have included the correct picture below.  We sincerely apologize to Mr. Brazie and the rest of the midget community.

Sergeant Larry Brazie (left) said he was using the
internet on the police computer to try and hang
out with normal sized people, when he
clicked on a porn link and downloaded a virus

Pig In Porn Pokey After Police Porn Pop
Sergeant Larry Brazie Accidentally Suspended For Accidentally
Surfing Porn After Accidentally Clicking Link

By Dak Cochran, Special Reporter

Sergeant Larry Brazie accidentally clicked on a porn
link and downloaded a virus to the police computer.
It has been determined that this is NOT Sergeant Brazie

MH police porn incident 'accidental,' chief says

Saturday, February 28, 2009 12:52 AM EST

A veteran Mayfield Heights police officer is back on the job after viewing pornography while at work.

Police Sgt. Larry Brazie, a 31-year employee, had been using a city computer at the end of January.

While looking at video clips of news events on the Web site Break.com, a pop-up ad came up with a link to another site.

"I guess he clicked on it, and when he tried to log off, he couldn't and it said he had downloaded a virus," Police Chief Joseph Donnelly said.

In a letter to the chief, Brazie apologized for his actions but told him it was unintentional.

"I clicked on a video clip that should have been a crash sequence from a racing event," the sergeant wrote. "What came up was a picture of two men sitting behind a desk and the captain read, 'If you think you clicked on a Break.com video clip, this is how we pay our bills' — or words to that effect.

"It started displaying random scenes, some of them pornographic in nature, some offering to sell computer software, some were a dating service. I tried to close down the site, but it would not let me."

Brazie said he then manually shut down the computer, waited a few minutes and restarted it.

"Everything seemed OK until a pop-up stated that the computer had a virus," the sergeant stated. "When I tried to go on the Internet, all I got was a message telling me in order to get rid of the virus, I had to purchase a program, and I got asked for my credit card information."

Brazie then called a friend of his who is more computer literate, and was told he had encountered a "hijacker virus," and that he should not give out any of his personal information.

The next day at work, the sergeant was informed a lieutenant was already aware of the problem, and Brazie was suspended from work without pay for two days for violating the department's computer policy.

However, Donnelly said he believes Brazie did not intentionally look at anything inappropriate.

"I think it was accidental," the chief said. "He's a very good employee. I hope it doesn't happen again."

Porn Pop: Police Veteran Busted Viewing Porn On City Time

From 19actionnews.com
Posted: Feb 27, 2009 9:01 AM EST
Updated: Feb 27, 2009 9:01 AM EST

Mayfield Heights, OH - A long-time police veteran was suspended for viewing porn.

Sgt. Larry Brazie was on a city computer on city time looking at a news website when a pop-up appeared with a link to a porn website back in January.

Brazie clicked on it - which is against city policy and was caught red-handed when the porn site downloaded a virus. 

According to the chief, this is the first time that Brazie has done this.

No criminal charges were filed.

The porn site did not have children involved.

Brazie was suspended for two days and is now back on the job.

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Comment posted by Chief Joe Rodriguez, 10/04/2011 at 1:44am (UTC):
Larry can I get your cell phone number?

Comment posted by Louie Tovar, 09/30/2011 at 12:11am (UTC):
I'm taller than you Larry hahahahahahah

Comment posted by Hervé Villechaize, 03/09/2009 at 2:21am (UTC):
Hi Larry all you have to do is one "squeeze" and you can join me down here

Comment posted by A Couple of News People, 02/28/2009 at 9:40pm (UTC):
I'd like to know which news site has porn popups? We look at competitors sites all day and every day and have NEVER had porn ads popup. NEVER! What a bunch of crap! Porn ad popups are a product of surfing porn sites, plain and simple.

Comment posted by Finger My Google, 02/28/2009 at 8:06pm (UTC):
Goole Larry Brazie and links are coming up to news outlets that have picked up the story already!

Comment posted by MH Cop, 02/28/2009 at 7:23pm (UTC):
I fucken love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment posted by Rome Seagul, 02/28/2009 at 7:20pm (UTC):
Was he accidentally jacking off until he accidentally left a DNA sample too?

Comment posted by Dak Cochran, 02/28/2009 at 6:34pm (UTC):
I totally understand your situation Larry. I accidentally downloaded pics of pre-pubescent children having sex and accidentally sent them out to other pedophiles. Now I'm accidentally going to prison

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