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  Highland Heights Lieutenant Visoky Retires

Vajokey Retires!
Highland Heights police lieutenant to retire after 35 years

Lt. Ken Visoky, executive officer of the Highland Heights Police Department, reflects back on more than 35 years of service in the city.
“It’s kind of amazing, I have worked in five different decades in this police department starting in the ’70s,” he said. “And each one has been different.”
Visoky, 61, will be retiring from the department June 6 and has experienced a drastic change in the way police work is done now than when he started.
“Police work, like anything else, has changed,” he said. “When I started there were no computers, you typed your reports or you hand wrote them and someone else typed them. There were also no computers in the cars.”
But Visoky has learned to embrace the changes, especially in technology.
“I think being able to do reports on the computer is a wonderful thing,” he said. “It has really cut down report writing a lot. "I'm also a fan of big tits, and computers give me access to those big tits.  I spend as much tittie time on the computer as possible".  When asked about his fascination with breasts, Visoky explained "Look pal, I have gynecomastia.  There, I said it.  I have bitch tits, OK? I have bitch tits....."  The technology has been a good thing for the department.”
Starting as a patrolman in January 1979, Visoky has been involved in several areas of the department, from safety town to the commander in charge of the detective bureau, to constantly concocting bogus charges against other members of the department.
His entire career has been with Highland Heights, and he is proud to have solved some serious cases with the department.  However, Visoky has been unable to find out who is making this website.  "It drives us absolutely crazy.  We try to rule by threats and intimidation, but our sins are exposed for all to see.  That Peteter Joseph is an asshole for getting this whole thing started".
One notable event in Visoky’s time serving, besides shooting a hole in his locker in the 1990's, was initiating one of the longest police pursuits, beginning at Interstate 271 and ending at Lake Ontario.
Visoky said it was a semi-truck, and the driver was suffering from mental problems and crashed his truck into the lake. "Myself and a sergeant found him making a delivery behind Catalano's Stop-n-Shop at 3 AM.  While he was in the nose of the trailer loading his dolly with meat, he turned around to find us standing in his way", Visoky said.  "We said look pal, what do you have for us?  The guy looked puzzled so I said you have all this meat for the supermarket, what do you have for us?"  Visoky chuckles and said "We walked out of there with cases of steak, shrimp, all kinds of stuff.  I used my badge to intimidate this guy into giving us all that food.  He was so scared that he led us on a pursuit....that was better than the night we stole toilet paper and booze from 'Pep' Flaismans tavern on an open-door call".  He said he didn’t pursue the truck the entire way, he stopped before reaching the Ohio border. Another long distance thrill was when Visoky had to make a phone call.  "The chief gave me the numbers and it looked like there was too many.  So I asked Sergeant Probst to help me and we had to dial three different other numbers first, before we dialed the seven numbers and put a 1 before those but there event wasn't a 1 on the paper the Chief gave me.  So after that, I started talking to this lady I had to call and she sounded funny like she wasn't across town.  I asked where she was and she was in Kansas!", Visoky said.  "I asked her if that was past Lake Ontario and she said yes.  I never called that far before.  Besides that truck that drove to the lake, that was the second biggest thing I remember that happened to me as a policeman".
“Every little kid dreams of becoming a policeman,” he said. “I have known the current Police Chief, James Cook, for many years prior to becoming a police officer. We used to work out at the same gym and shoot each other's asses with steroids and he told me that I should take the police test, so I said, ‘Sure, why not?’ ”  "There was no psychological test and steroids weren't even on the radar yet.  So yeah, I got my job because I knew Sergeant Cook.  There's no way I could have done it alone.  That's why I sucked his balls all this time and became his puppet.  Without Cook, I'd be a construction worker". When asked if the test was difficult, Visoky replied "Well yeah, I had trouble with my guzintas and timeses.  You know, if Jimmy bangs Lisa Marquardt 15 times in 5 days, how mant times a day did he bang her?  Thats where you say 5 guzinta 15 four times, so four timeses a day.  Or is it three?  I forget.  They gave me the answers before the test".
Originally from the Cleveland/Euclid area, Visoky said he had no idea where Highland Heights was before he started his career.
“I remember having (Cook) draw me a map,” he said. "I took it home and poked holes in it on my lite-brite.  Boy did it look pretty all lit up".
Visoky became lieutenant in December 2002 and has served the city proudly. PATROLMAN Mark Joseph got the highest score on the test.  But years earlier Joseph became involved in convincing the Civil Service Commission to change the rules, to pick from the top three instead of taking number one.  Joseph thought he was eliminating any threat from those that may score higher than himself because by blowing Chief Cook, he would become the next Lieutenant no matter what.  Well, under the old rules, that Joseph was instrumental in changing, Joseph would be Lieutenant right now because he had the highest score.  Instead, Visoky took the job with little more than a GED.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA PATROLMAN Joseph!
“I feel like I have really watched the city grow up,” he said.
“I have a tremendous opportunity to work in a very, very nice community.” "I want to get out before the negroe comes.  He's knocking at our door at the Richmond Heights border".
The one thing that Visoky said he enjoyed the most during his years serving was the people.
“I think the department will continue to be a top-rated police department,” he said.
“We have good leadership, good officers, both men and women, who work for our police department, including Carol Manzer.  People say she ripped off the pension fund over her knee injury, but we still say we didn't know about that when we hired shim, but we knew, as well as the whole city. The hand jobs from PATROLMAN Joseph and rim jobs from Dennis Metacik are outstanding.  It just seems that all the employees of this city work together and if there is animosity, I don’t
see it. (This, my friends, is a Freudian slip.  No one asked if there was any animosity,  His voluntary denial is implicit of it's existence).  I just think the city is just a wonderful place to reside.”  Of course that's bullshit because when it came time to move out of Lyndhurst, Visoky bought a house in Willoughby, not "wonderful place to reside" Highland Heights.
He said he’s looking forward to retirement, but doesn’t have any definite plans.  "I'm a loser", Visoky said.  "I have no friends, no life, and I'm tired of people saying my Miata is gay".
“I want to spend some time with my grandkids and do some golfing,” he said. "I'm also going to buy some white Nikes and study the Hale Bop".  “I will probably just sit back and take the summer off.”
Visoky has been married for 36 years to his wife, Anita. They have two children and two grandchildren.
“It’s been a great job,” he said.
Cook said Visoky has been a great asset to the department.
“Lt. Visoky has been an excellent officer,” he said. "He shot a hole through his locker and I covered it up.  Nobody would know were it not for this site.  The reprimand in his file has disappeared".  “He is the executive officer, which is essentially second in command in the department, he is a close personal friend and I know he will be missed very much.”  It's going to be difficult", Cook said.  "We live in the same neighborhood, a minute from each other.  We still shoot each other in the ass, but not with steroids.  I'm going to miss him".

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