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Highland Heights demotes Mark Joseph, the sergeant who yapped about teen suicide attempt

Wed Jun 18, 2008 at 10:34:43 AM

"Hosing your dad's career is educational and fun!"

Something tells us Peter Joseph has been grounded indefinitely. Perhaps even had his driving privileges revoked.

The son of Highland Heights sergeant Mark Joseph, Peter gave Dad an early Father’s Day present a few weeks back when he posted on his facebook page that a schoolmate had attempted suicide. To make matters worse, the kid divulged his source unprompted, prefacing the info with, “As many of you may know, my father is a police sergeant in the city of Highland Heights and he gets the whole scoop on most things.”

Yo, son: stop snitchin’. ...

Mark Joseph is a sergeant no more. As confirmed by Highland Heights Police Chief Jim Cook, Joseph has been demoted to patrolman. Asked if there was something more than the confidential leak that had Joseph reprimanded so severely, Chief Cook hedged: “Let’s just say he was demoted and leave it at that. I wouldn’t want to comment any further. The confidential information was part of the charges.”

As an aside, if you’re in the mood for some wierdness, check out this obsessive anti-Mark Joseph page. Its creator seems somewhat pleased about he demotion news. Like, maniacally so. – Gus Garcia-Roberts


Highland Heights, Ohio-It has been reported to this website on 06/11/08 that Highland Heights police Officer Mark Joseph was officially demoted to patrolman to the extreme joy and glee of his workmates. Patrolman Joseph had been a worthless, undeserving piece-of-shit  sergeant for over 10 years, and was known far and wide for his self-serving attempts to get other employees disciplined or fired.  This has made him universally hated and many officers and dispatchers have left the department and took employment elsewhere because of this piece-of-shit asshole running wild. 

Some of his many accomplishments as a sergeant are:

Constantly sliding notes under the police chiefs office door at night which made false allegations agains other officers

Encouraging many prisoners to file frivolous complaints against the department and it's officers

Giving out personal details of officers to the general public, therefore endangering them

Stealing a dispatchers keys, then pretending to be the hero that found them

Going home in a neighboring city on duty and failing to show up late on calls or not at all

Getting caught by a patrolman "blacking out" his police car at night while voyeuristically spying on a couple making out in their car (unknown whether or not Joseph was masturbating, but my money's on YES!!!)

Sexually harassing younger MALE employees.

And the grandaddy of them all, giving a Highland Heights police detective badge to a civilian (John Wyckoff) and allowing the civilian to be a detective and do detective work for the police department.

Mark Joseph is a sad, sad piece-of-shit asshole and definitely brought all this on himself.

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Disclaimer:For entertainment purposes only. Some of this site is opinion. Not intended to threaten, harass, or annoy. This website is NOT produced by Mark Joseph, duh!
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