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Q: Rome Seagul* asks: How do I enter my picture in the lookalike contest?

A: On my contact page, use the contact form to send me a link to "your" photo on the internet.  Please include your name so that you will get proper credit. 

*For those of you that don't know, Rome Seagul was the 1980's stage name for Keith Woodie's sissypants son whom deluded himself into thinking he could sing.  So his dad bullied local businesses into contributing to his music "career".

Q: Who the fuck is Keith Woodie?

A: Some fat dude that pretended to be a police chief.  He used to call Ken "Kin".

Q: Where is Rome Seagul now?

A: Last I heard he was about 40 pounds lighter with sores all over his face.  You figure it out.

Q: What is a bowl cut?

A: From wikipedia:

A bowl cut, also known as a beach cut, pot haircut, chili bowl, or a mushroom cut, is a haircut where the hair is cut short on the sides and back and allowed to grow long on the top, looking as though someone put a bowl on the head and cut off all the visible hair. A famous bowl cut wearer in the U.S. was Moe Howard, who wore it as part of his "Three Stooges" persona. Patrolman Joseph in the United States is the most famous patrolman to sport this catastrophe.  In the UK it is also known as a pudding basin haircut or a stolen Denny's pie haircut.

Historically this haircut was popular among common people of various nationalities as an easy and relatively neat cut by a non-professional. Indeed, it was done by putting a cooking pot of a fit size to the level of ears, and all hair below the rim was cut or even shaven off. In some cultures it was a normal type of haircut. In other cultures the bowl cut was viewed as an attribute of poverty, signifying that the wearer could not afford to visit a barber, especially after being demoted to patrolman. The bowl cut is quite common among the Amish.

The bowl cut gained popularity in America among teenaged and pre-teen boys in the 1980s, especially ones like Damian Joseph (patrolman Joseph's son) whom wrote all over the police station walls one day with a magic marker, and was often associated with cool kid culture. Indeed, this hairstyle was a veritable fad in some locales. The popularity of the bowl cut faded in the mid-1990s. [1]

The bowl cut is a comparable to the Beatle haircut, which is slightly longer and less bowl hair-like.

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Disclaimer:For entertainment purposes only. Some of this site is opinion. Not intended to threaten, harass, or annoy. This website is NOT produced by Mark Joseph, duh!
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