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Fake Cop Busted at Beachwood Mall

Updated: Dec 12, 2006 04:24 PM

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 This is my pouty face, waaaaaaa.....

Beachwood, OH - Police bust a man for pretending to be one of the boys in blue.

45-year-old John Wykoff was arrested after cops say he told shoppers at Beachwood Mall he was a police officer.

The Mayfield Village man even had a badge and gun on him.

Wykoff is currently free on bond and is due back in court next week.

This asshole Patrolman Joseph is no stranger to days off.  He got 30 of them for allowing a civilian to carry a Highland Heights detective badge and do investigations on behalf of the Highland Heights police.  Patrolman Joseph ALLOWED HIM TO IMPERSONATE A POLICE OFFICER!  The guy with the badge, John Wyckoff, was running around East Cleveland with the Highland Heights badge doing follow up work for Detective Patrolman Joseph.  It all came to light when ebonic-speaking persons began calling the lily-white suburb of Highland Heights asking for Detective Wyckoff.  Actually, they were asking for "Dabuddah Weggolf".  It took a while but we got it figgered, um figured out.  Of course, we were like "Who the fuck is Detective Wyckoff?"  Then it all unraveled like a combover in a monsoon.

So, fine citizens of Highland Heights, is that policeman or detective showing up at your house really for real, or is it one of Patrolman Joseph's scumbag friends? Should you be afraid of the police, afraid to open your door, can't trust their credentials?  What if he's a fake?  Of course you should be afraid: Patrolman Joseph is still employed!  Yes, you pay this asshole 36 bucks an hour to hand out detective badges to his friends!  One more thing:  Ask your mayor and councilperson, "WHY THE FUCK IS MARK JOSEPH STILL EMPLOYED HERE?"  As for Wyckoff, he was NEVER charged with a crime for impersonating a Highland Heights police officer.  In fact, he went on to bigger and better things, like, actually getting arrested in Beachwood for, well, you guessed it: Impersonating a police officer.  Oh yeah, numerous drug arrests too.  Ask Patrolman Joseph for more details.

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Comment posted by Henry Terry, Suffolk County, 05/07/2013 at 2:15am (UTC):
Call me DEFECTIVE Wykoff. I'm hiring!

Comment posted by John Wyckoff, 02/04/2009 at 5:10am (UTC):
where am I now?
and what am I doing?
am I doing OK?
does anyone really know what time it is?

Comment posted by Phillip J. Wykoff, 11/01/2008 at 10:02pm (UTC):
Damn its hot down here!

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