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 mark joseph sucked off an auxiliary police officer in the city park on midnight shift


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Name:That Girl You Ruined The Life Of
Time:07/20/2016 at 7:36pm (UTC)
Message:You and your son are disgusting. I hope your moment of honesty and his moment of fame were worth it, because they impacted lives for a decade to come. No punishment would be worthy enough for you.

Name:Rick Pierce
Time:07/15/2016 at 4:03pm (UTC)
Message:Is this you?

Name:Police Chief Joseph Cotterman
Time:02/26/2016 at 12:24am (UTC)
Message:wow. I thought I was the only poice chief with a fucked up eye.

Name:Jeffrey Martin PPPD-RETIRED
Time:12/14/2015 at 10:15pm (UTC)
Message:You WERE correct Mark. Little boiz DO keep their mouths shut. My bad for not listening to you.

Name:Doug sullivan
Time:11/17/2015 at 2:37am (UTC)
Message:Mark Joseph. We are saving a place for you down here at FOP DEAD-TYMERS night. You can sit next to empty Scott Divoky chair at the end of the table.

Name:Karl Manzer
Time:11/16/2015 at 3:48pm (UTC)
Message:Hey ex-PATROLMAN joseph, If you want, I can get you a retirement scam....erhhh JOB and the radio station. We can do back to back broadcasts. I'll do "WHAT DYKES WANT!" and you can do, "WHAT PEDOPHILES WANT!"

Name:The MJ Retirement Party Committee
Time:11/13/2015 at 11:44pm (UTC)
Message:CUM 1. CUM ALL (young boiz)!
The MJ retirement party is beginning in the Men's room at the HH City Park at 10PM tonight. Lube will be provided. BYOP. BRING YOUR OWN POPPERS!

Time:11/13/2015 at 10:53pm (UTC)
Message:Everybody make sure that you donate to Dennis Ma-GAY-SUCK's wounded warrior page. Maybe then he can pay me my BACK alimony, child support, and bills for my wall repairs.

Time:11/13/2015 at 9:21pm (UTC)

Why people hate police..."ONE OF OUR OWN"??????

Mayfield Heights Police Department

We would like to extend a sincere thanks and congratulations to one of our own. Officer Mark Joseph from Highland Heights Police department is working his last shift today. Good luck on your retirement Mark and enjoy.

Name:Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund
Time:11/13/2015 at 12:45am (UTC)
Message:Well it looks like PATROLMAN joseph is retiring this month. Too bad his pension is going to be lower because of lil'peter's big mouth. Goes to show that all the cock sucking in the world doesn't make up for fucking over everybody on your way up. Hopefully, MJ will have about as long of a retirement as Chief Payne from Euclid.

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