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Here are some of the awards I have been receiving for
"Being An Asshole"

This was given to me by the Amish Aids-Quilt Club of Holmes County, Ohio.  They immediately heard about me from their town crier about 5 weeks after the incident.  The quilt will definitely keep me warm in the city park after my mortgage becomes foreclosed.

This one Is my favorite.  I think he looks hot but I wish he wore a Boy Scout uniform and didn't have so much hair on his legs and ass.

  I won this in a fisting competition at The Leather Stallion in Cleveland, Ohio.  I thought it was a FISHING competition, but oh well, at least I won something for having an asshole and not just being one.

This award was issued to me by the fellow patrolman on my shift.  I used to be their boss but now one of them will probably be my boss someday soon.  Mmmmm, what I wouldn't do with that finger.

I have so many of these I lost count.

I Also Won:

Asshole Of The Year
Asshole Of The Month
Asshole Of The Week
Asshole Of The Day
Asshole Of The Hour
Asshole Of The Minute
Asshole Of The Second
Asshole Of The Millisecond
Asshole Of the Nanosecond
Asshole Of The Universe
Asshole of The Galaxy
Asshole Of The World
Asshole Of The Continent
Asshole Of The United States
Asshole Of The State Of Ohio
Asshole Of The County
Asshole Of The City
Asshole Of The Street
Asshole Of The House
Asshole Of The Bedroom

I have many, many more awards and I will put them up when I get time.  Until then, noranoranoranoranora  HmmmmmMMMMMmmmmMmmmmmmM

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